I want this statement to be as similar to my art work as possible. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve tried to understand the function of the artist’s statement. Surely, our art work is our statement. How could I make a statement that would be as metonymic as possible? What could stand in for my work? Finally, I realized that this statement could be my art work.

All of my work is in response to ongoing conversations that I am having internally and/or with friends. It’s a process of visual exploration and working through of issues that are important to me. Engagements is the generic term I use to describe this work. It signifies my involvement and my commitment to seeing the process through, as well as my attempt to visually and intellectually engage the viewer/reader. Often, my engagements are driven by some combination of political, personal, perceptual, and conceptual concerns. Words, their meanings and effects, are important to me.

Many of my works are of mixed media and often include sculptural elements. Usually, the work is in black, white, and grey. And, I use stencils. My work is informed by a dynamic process, often changing direction in midstream as my point of view changes. I am often surprised by my final work.